14/01252/AS – 5 & 7 East Hill, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6RL

TDRA: Comments Issued 13.11.2014

I am not convinced about the proposed parking strategy (or lack of), having a likely impact on nearby on street parking as well as yet another impact on local traffic density.

I am also concerned about likely impact on Ivy Court Surgery, as it is already at capacity. Although there is some description of proposed materials, I would expect to see the council requiring specific conditions to ensure that appropriate detailing and materials are actually used in the final construction. It would also be nice to see the use of handmade roof tiles as well as the proposed handmade bricks being used.

Signage will need to be closely controlled and limited to avoid unsightly additions to the streetscape.

The design is neither innovative nor notable and does not appear to promote the highest architectural design standards that Tenterden deserves, unfortunately there are still many pastiche elements. Why a fake GRP chimney??

Construction traffic would need to be strictly controlled and managed to avoid huge traffic build up and inconvenience to the local residents.

What will be the potential contribution to local infrastructure investment as a result of this development?

Tenterden would at least require reasonable compensation/investment from the developers.

Posted by Planning Committee
Thursday 13th November 2014

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