TDRA Trees for Tenterden

TDRA Trees for Tenterden

Committee members Bill Chantler and Alan Bates have led the TDRA tree planting initiative, donating trees to be planted along the main roads entering Tenterden. They met with the KCC Arborologist to agree suitable tree planting sites, initially on the Appledore Road and Rolvenden Hill.

Species of tree being considered include Princeton Elm, Turkish Birch and English Walnut. The cost will be approximately £200 per tree depending on the species chosen and includes planting by KCC.

KCC would like to start planting this November, starting with four trees this year along the Appledore Road to replace the trees that have been felled. There is likely to be a rolling programme of TDRA tree donations, so other major roads will be assessed in the future for possible sites.

Bill will be providing information to KCC about the tree (originally donated by the TDRA) that was destroyed in the recent car accident on Appledore Road in the hope that the Council will be able to replace it in due course.

Photo credit: Julian P Guffogg (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0)

Posted by Siggi Nepp
Sunday 13th September 2015

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