TDRA Ceremonial Tree Planting Event

TDRA Ceremonial Tree Planting Event

Firstly, as chairman of the TDRA, I would like to thank our TDRA committee members, particularly Bill Chantler, key organiser for this event and local residents for attending our TDRA tree planting ceremony, we are thankful for their support. With our member’s contributions and some additional support from the Town Council, we have been able to fund the planting and maintenance of four new trees along Appledore Road.

This is a key tree lined route into our picturesque and historic town of Tenterden, much admired and appreciated by both visitors and local residents. We hope that we may continue this endeavour to ensure these important features are retained for the enjoyment of all and contribute to the quality and uniqueness of our town.

We do support good design and quality of environment of our public realm and are extremely thankful to all our members’ support to enable us to play a proactive role in this.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite all to view our new website for a more in depth understanding of what we do and have achieved for local residents and the town. We are a charity and volunteer our services for the benefit of local residents and the town and would welcome new members or other support to help us to continue this vital role for the residents of Tenterden.

See the Kent Messenger newspaper article here (PDF, 446Kb)

Posted by Siggi Nepp
Tuesday 19th January 2016

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