Limes Land Ecological Translocation Commencement

Limes Land Ecological Translocation Commencement

Vistry will be commencing the ecological translocation works on Monday 8th April. They now have the appropriate NE licence for trapping as part of the upcoming works. There will be onsite signage explaining the works and a request that the public refrain from trespassing or damaging the fencing.

The works will include the following:

  • Set up of receptor areas for newts and reptiles (2x separate areas to be fenced off and habitat enhancements made (overseeding and hibernacula/log piles created).
  • Set up of trapping areas for the pitches, pavilion, access road and basin west of the entrance.

These set-up works are estimated to take about 4 weeks. Initially, the receptor areas will be set up and the fencing pegged out, which is likely to take a week or two, and then the fencing will be installed in earnest.

The below plan shows the areas that will be fenced. Areas A and E are the receptor areas within which the captured animals will be placed whilst the trapping takes place.

Link: Grafik Fencing Plan (PDF, opens in new window)

Posted by Siggi Nepp
Thursday 4th April 2024

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