Grandpa’s Treasure Hunt 2

Grandpa’s Treasure Hunt 2

These days you get endless repeats of every programme on television and sequels to all the blockbuster films. So why not a repeat of “Grandpa’s Treasure Hunt”? First published in The Resident in Spring 2011 and never reprinted since so by now it is a real classic!

Well it’s not yet the tenth anniversary but the particular circumstances of 2020 with so many people “self-isolating” at home creates an unrivalled opportunity. So get up and get out into the countryside for a walk. Enjoy the sunshine and the wide open spaces with only the occasional walker to pass at a safe distance.

And while you are about it – take a good strong shopping bag with you. None of those old single use polythene bags that littered the towns and roadsides but have thankfully now disappeared from supermarkets (along with toilet rolls – but that is another story). Actually, take more than one good strong bag. Also preferably take a litter picker if you have one to avoid getting your hands too dirty, or a pair of gloves.

This week we did the walk through “The Bottoms” towards Smallhythe to repeat our route of 2011. Sadly, this time it was just granny and grandpa as the grandchildren, now aged from 14 to 20, are busy with their online school lessons and online university lectures. The countryside was much cleaner this time – we only collected 48 cans and bottles until our two bags were full. With only two of us we had limited carrying capacity and still need to go back for another load tomorrow. And most of the rubbish can be easily recycled using the bins you have at home!

The great thing about the treasure hunt is that you can pick a different route everyday and come home feeling good – something worthwhile achieved. Go on – DO IT – you know it makes sense! And when you have finished… WASH YOUR HANDS.

Posted by Siggi Nepp
Friday 27th March 2020

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