Counter Proposal for Designated Green Space for Local Residents to Enjoy

Counter Proposal for Designated Green Space for Local Residents to Enjoy

In response to TTC’s controversial decision to support a 240 housing development on the Wates Site surplus to ABCs Local Plan requirements a counter proposal has been received by the TDRA.¬†We intend to support a detailed consultation of alternatives for the site taking account of views of all residents of Tenterden prior to any decision.

Please refer to the report and summary below:

“Tenterden should have its own designated “local green space” and I am sure the large portion of the community would agree with me. The ideal location would be a portion of the Wates Site to maximise the enjoyment of an area of exceptional idyllic countryside from the ridge to St Michaels church. It is already used as an amenity land for dog walkers and ramblers with the opportunity to fully utilise its potential.

This request would be supported by NPPF para 76 to 78 as a “Local Green Space” and Ashford’s policy ENV13 and para 5.402, though obviously Ashford could turn down the request. It can be demonstrated that a large neighbouring community adjoins the proposed local green space, namely Appledore Road, Shrubcote community, Woodchurch Road, Eastgate community and Knockwood community It holds a special significance due to its iconic views, beauty, serenity, recreational value, historical value, and is local in character.

We should request that the countryside that has the line of sight from the ridge to St Mildred’s Church and to Woodchurch village be designated as local green space. It has an excellent footpath from all sides of the local communities.”

Link: Wates site proposed local green space (PDF)

Posted by Siggi Nepp
Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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