Cinema Focus Group Update

Cinema Focus Group Update

The second meeting of the focus group was held on 21st September. Sue Ferguson was elected as Chair by the group and she suggested that small groups should be formed to investigate each possible venue, then report back.

The venues to be initially considered are the rear of The Woolpack, Tenterden Club, The Pebbles and Glebe Hall. All of these venues would need alteration and building work.

The rear of The Woolpack would probably need a new building; Tenterden Club would need to have the ceiling heightened and internal alteration; The Pebbles would need a rear extension and Glebe Hall would need a new building.

As previously mentioned, the current lease of The Pebbles to White Stuff runs until 2021. However it might be viable option with an extension to the rear.

Mike Carter reported that Enterprise Inns, who are associated with The Woolpack, are waiting for the Group to produce drawings for them to consider and Rob Cowan, the landlord, is going to do this.

Discussions are likely to be held with Canon Lindsay Hammond regarding the viability of Glebe Hall as a possible venue.

Information has been obtained from Kino relating to their project plan and Mike Carter is going to contact a local accountant regarding the finances of the project.

It was reported that Potters Home Digital has ideas for a cinema and would be happy to provide the group with a demonstration and Sue Ferguson will liaise with them.

The date of the next meeting is to be confirmed.

Finally, it has been arranged that a meeting will take place on Tuesday, 24th October, with Stefanie Fischer, an architect with expertise in cinemas. The group will visit the possible sites with her.

Posted by Siggi Nepp
Thursday 12th October 2017

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