Cinema Focus Group Meeting 16/11/17

Cinema Focus Group Meeting 16/11/17

The meeting began with a brief discussion of the presentation given by Stephanie Fischer, architect from Burrell, Foley and Fischer and the subsequent report. It was agreed by all present that we should go ahead with Stage 1 of the process as set out by her. It was proposed that this would be discussed at the next External Committee meeting, due to take place on Monday, 20th November.

It was decided that the rear of the Town Hall should be added to the scope of sites to be included for the architect. This would mean liaising with the Town Hall Focus Group. Mike Carter advised that this group had agreed to take on board the architect’s views and possibly incorporate them. Phil Burgess, Town Clerk, reported that it was urgent to reorder/refurbish the Town Hall. It was suggested that we should request the architects to conclude Stage 1 earlier than they had proposed to aid this.

It was raised that there were no culture facilities in the town and there needed to be a culture hub. It was therefore important not to think of just a two screen cinema, but what else the venue could be used for. This also raised the idea that the communal space could be used as a venue for local artists to show their work. This would help broaden the appeal of the venture and open up avenues for obtaining grants.

This discussion resulted in the group’s agreement to change its name to The Cinema and Culture Hub Focus Group. It was felt that publicity should be a focus to help engage all interest groups and ages into the venture.

The External Committee meeting took place on the 20th and the fee proposals from the architects was accepted.

Boundary information will be needed for all possible sites before the architects can proceed with Stage 2 of the process.

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Thursday 23rd November 2017

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