A cinema for Tenterden – the latest news

A cinema for Tenterden – the latest news

Two representatives from TDRA committee met with two consultants from Lipton Group on 8th September, the organisation appointed to meet local interest groups to discuss how best Tent 1 monies should be spent. The meeting lasted over an hour and was very constructive. A number of issues relating to how this money can best be used to serve the interests and needs of the whole of our community were discussed.

The following article was also read and discussed.

A cinema for Tenterden

The survey carried out by Tenterden Town Council, with results published in their Newsletter in Spring 2016, stated that 79% of those who had responded would like to have a cinema in Tenterden. This was further reinforced at the TDRA May AGM, when an overwhelming majority of those present also voted in favour of a cinema.

A cinema would appeal to all ages of resident and would also have a beneficial knock on effect for our local shops and businesses. Tenterden is under pressure from shops closing and increased shopping on the internet. A digital cinema would provide an extra attraction for people to visit and spend time and money in Tenterden.

Our nearest cinemas are approximately half an hour’s car drive from Tenterden, considerably longer by public transport.

We also have additional residents coming here with the development of the Tent 1 site, which will mean an even larger potential audience in the future.

Although Tenterden and District Residents’ Association supports many other proposals for the town, as far as we know, we are the only local organisation proposing that money should be spent on facilitating a cinema in Tenterden and this is the reason why TDRA are making this representation today.

TDRA believe that Tenterden Town Council has a duty to take the views of its residents into consideration and should be taking the initiative to invite operators to submit proposals to develop and operate a cinema. TDRA feels that you should also look for potential buildings in the town, approach owners and also investigate the possibility of a new build, or extension to an existing public building, for example the Leisure Centre.

Tenterden and district deserves a high quality cinema in a central venue, which is in keeping with the style of the town.

It is likely that further consultations will take place in November in the form of public meetings. Lipton Group are keen to have as many views from local people as possible and we hope you will be able to attend these meetings to have your opinions heard.

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Posted by Carol Parkin
Sunday 11th September 2016

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