TDRA Notice to Members

Due to the restrictions placed on us all in the midst of the Coronavirus issues, the TDRA Committee has decided to…


Posted by Alan Bates
Thursday 26th March 2020

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Chairman’s Report 2020

Well it has been a tumultuous year what with a general election, Brexit and Coronavirus but all has been relatively calm in Tenterden – or has it?


Posted by Siggi Nepp
Monday 23rd March 2020

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Letter to TTC Regarding Tenterden Recreation Ground Proposal

Further to the informative and well-presented recent exhibition on the Tenterden Regeneration Projects, the TDRA Committee wanted to raise the following points regarding the Tenterden Recreation Ground Proposal…


Posted by Siggi Nepp
Sunday 15th March 2020

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Public Exhibition: Tenterden Town Hall 21-22 February 2020

Find out more about the Town Hall Recreation Ground and Tenterden Cinema projects at Tenterden Town Council’s public exhibition on 21-22 February…


Posted by Siggi Nepp
Thursday 13th February 2020

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